Wildlife Control

How To Deal With Wildlife Before Call The Department

  1. Get rid of all food sources
  2. Tighten lids on garbage cans
  3. Make sure branches are 8 feet back from your roof
  4. Block openings under porches, decks, stoops and sheds
  5. Make sure log piles are at least 1 foot off the ground
  6. Close any openings where wires, pipes or hoses enter your home

Call a professional if needed!




Animal ControlThe City of CV Animal Control Ordinance was developed because we respect both our pets and our neighbors and desire to protect the health and welfare of each. We also handle nuisance wildlife control when needed.

Protection of pets and neighbors involves protection from diseases that can be transmitted to both. The main concern is protection against rabies, a serious disease of all warm-blooded animals.  Rabies can be transmitted to humans by the bite or scratch of rabid wild animals or the bite or scratch of domestic animals that have been previously infected by wild animals.  Part of the pleasure of a community such as ours is the local abundance of wild animals; this also poses a threat, which we must be aware of and take measures to avoid. Since there is no known cure for rabies, once symptoms of the disease become apparent, it is most important that preventative measures be taken.

roundwormThe City Animal Control Ordinance requires that a practicing licensed veterinarian vaccinate your dog or cat against rabies.  In addition, it is required that pet owners procure a license for their dog or cat. The purpose of this requirement is to maintain a record of all dogs and cats within the Village and their current vaccination status. The minimal fee for a license is used to help defray the cost of maintaining our animal control program and protecting the health of the community.

In addition to protecting the health of the community, it is deemed necessary that we protect the peaceful and tranquil nature of our community. To this end, it is required that all pets (dogs AND cats) be kept under the restraint or control of owners at all times.  Pets running at-large constitute both a threat to the health of the community and a potential nuisance. Also, it is expected and required that pet owners insure their pets do not disturb the peace and quiet of other members of the community by frequent barking, howling, or other noises.  Owners are reminded that at no time may any animal be allowed to “run free”.  Some owners are allowing their animals loose before leaving for work in the morning and upon returning home in the evening.  Other owners allow their animals (dogs and cats) to roam loose during the hours of darkness – calling them home in the morning.  Police personnel will pick up those animals they encounter “at-large”.   Owners must pay a mandatory transportation fee for having their animal picked up as well as pay for all boarding costs before the animal can be released.  These costs are in addition to any citations that may be issued.  If the animal does not a City Pet License one must be purchased before the animal can be released.  Current rabies vaccination is required to obtain a City Pet License.  Animals picked up can only be kept a minimum number of days.  After that time, animals are placed for adoption or, unfortunately, euthanized.   Owners who do not pick up their animals are still liable for all costs incurred and may still be cited.

Should a pet become lost or missing, contact the CVPD immediately and file a missing animal report.  Owners might also want to contact the local Veterinarians and Pet Groomers.

There are many other provisions of the Animal Control Ordinance not covered in this brief summary, including those for impoundment and destruction of animals and penalties for violation of the Ordinance. All pet owners should review this Ordinance to insure their compliance and not rely solely upon the contents of this brief summary. The Ordinance may be reviewed at the CV City Offices, and a copy may be obtained for a minimal fee.

Residents of the surrounding communities need to be aware that the CV Animal Control Team can only investigate animal complaints within the city limits of CV and cannot respond to calls outside of our jurisdiction.

We expect and appreciate your participation in our efforts to help us exist in harmony with both our pets and our neighbors



Our community is unique in many ways and one of our greatest assets is our large number of Senior Citizens.   E.A.R.P. was designed with them, and singles living alone, in mind.  When you join E.A.R.P. you are asked to provide the following information, which is maintained in a dedicated database:

  • The names and dates of birth of those residing in the household.
  • A local emergency contact person and their telephone number.  If the local emergency contact person is not a relative, we will ask for the contact information for your closed relative.

  • If you have an alarm installed in your home, we request the name of the monitoring company and let us know if you have a Lifeline system installed.

We also need to know who is the Key Holder for your residence. If you do not have a local Key Holder, or even if you do, you can request that the CVPD hold a key for you at the Police Department.  No copies of your key will be made and you can request the return of your key at any time.  You can join E.A.R.P. without furnishing the CVPD with a key.

Your key is made available to fulltime police officers in an emergency only.  A list of E.A.R.P. members is furnished to the local 911 dispatcher.   If you should place a 911 call for an ambulance and then become unconscious, the dispatcher would know in advance that the CVPD has access to your residence or knows the name of your Key Holder as well as the name and telephone number of your emergency contact.  This way emergency personnel would not have to break down your door or damage a window to reach you.

From something as simple as locking yourself out of your house to lying in bed unable to answer the door to emergency personnel in a time of need… being an E.A.R.P. member can give you piece of mind.

Home Watch

CV Police Department

The CV Police Department is committed to providing its citizens with the best police protection. It makes our efforts much easier if we are made aware of vacations, funerals, or other times when our residents will not be home for extended periods.

The CVPD offers the residents of CV a Vacation House Watch Program.  Residents may contact the department prior to a vacation or business trip and request that a patrol car make periodic checks of their home while they are away.  Simply give the Police Department the below information at least three days PRIOR to leaving.  Note that this information needs to be furnished to the Administrative Section of the Police Department.  Please do not contact City Hall or the Police Dispatcher.

  • Your name, address and phone number.
  • The dates you will be away.
  • What cars will be in the garage, carport or driveway.
  • What lights will be left on –  Be sure to mention what rooms the lights will be in, whether or not you have set timers or have motion lights.
  • The name and phone number of your alarm company, if applicable.
  • The name and number of at least one person (a key holder) who can be reached locally in case of an emergency while you are away.  Check on the button to learn about E.A.R.P.
  • Who will be allowed in and around the home while you are gone.
  • A telephone number or address where you can be reached while you are gone.
    (The above information can be sent to the CVPD in the body of an email, if desired.) 

When making vacation plans, or any time that your home will be unoccupied for a period of time, remember to arrange to have music and lights turned on by timers at varying times while you’re away. Have grass cut in summer, snow shoveled in winter, and mail and newspapers picked up or cancelled so that it’s not obvious that no one is at home.

Remember, even with the police watching your house, good neighbors are the best defense against criminal activity. Get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other!

NOTE: We do request that upon your return home that you notify our Department so that the house watch can be cancelled.  You can do this by calling the Police Department at (870) 257-5252, Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:00 – 3:00pm.  If you arrive home during the evening hours or on the weekends, please contact the CVPD the next working day during office hours.   DO NOT CALL 911 or the Police Dispatcher to report that you have returned.  Please wait and contact the CVPD Administrative Office during regular work hours.